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After all that sound proofing (see previous post) the sound system was installed. Here some images.

For front & rear speakers:
Audison SRX 4 (4 channel amp)
Hertz Hi-Energy HCX100 (4" coaxial) - front
Hertz Hi-Energy HCX165 (6.5" coaxial) - rear

Audison LRX 1.1k (Monoblock)
Hertz Energy EBX200R (8" subwoofer with enclosure)


  1. Lars said...
    Is this still using the standard headunit?
    Jake s said...
    Im really interested in those seats, could you tell me where you got them from, what they are, and how much they cost? if that is ok.
    with thanks
    Guido said...
    the seats are a Peugeot Singapore accessorie, you won't be able to get them here.
    trickyricky1992 said...
    where did you earth/ground the amp under the front seat ?
    trickyricky1992 said...
    where did u earth/ground the amp under the front seat ?

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