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R286 (1,2W) Dashboard Bulbs from: autobulbsdirect
I am not that happy with the colour and the quality of the bulbs so I am going to look for a better pair.

The whole section where the radio is fitted has to come out.

Take the ventilator button off, just pull. Behind you will find a screw, unscrew and pull the section where your radio is fitted towards you. It's a bit of a pain but it will come out. I had to take my radio out first.

Section removed :-) Looks like a war zone but don't be afraid.

On the back of the white console you will find a big white connector. Unplug it.

When you have the connector out you will see the two bulbs in the left and right black fittings. Replace the bulbs and put the connector back in the console.

Put everything back together.

Here is the result, I am not that happy with the so called "blue" bulbs but now you know how to get it done.


After some tips from one of my readers I ordered blue leds

U286B (286) Dash Board Slim wedge bulb Blue Standard
available here

The leds alone are too bright but with the original bulb covers (the brown thingies) covering them, you get a dimmer not-so-blinding light. And the result is perfect.


  1. Anonymous said...
    These bulbs are like what I bought for mine - that blue is awful isn't it?
    I found the led bulbs on to be a good deep blue, and with the original bulb covers (the brown thingies) covering them, you get a dimmer not-so-blinding light.
    Thinking about replacing them with some UV lights to see what they're like :)
    Guido said...
    could you email me a picture how the leds look like?

    I just ordered them.
    Anonymous said...
    Hi! Swedish 107 owner here! got some questions..
    first, im not sure but is there light behind the dash from factory? because in the pic there are already two bulbs.. ( i dont have any light)
    second, I own a red 107, what do you think about red bulbs, leds? is that a match with standard stero and speed lights?
    is it 12v5w bulbs you have fitted?
    /many thanks from Sweden
    Anonymous said...
    Hi, struggling to identify the correct LED bulbs from - any pointers !!!

    Thanks - Great site, will be using it a lot in the coming months.
    Guido said...
    There is light behind the speed and rev meter. Lights will go on when you switch on the car lights, also on the mid console. The original color is Amber (kind of orange) Red wouldn't be my choice but red is totally possible.

    bulbs for the mid conole are: R286 (1,2W)
    Guido said...
    here is the link:
    Anonymous said...
    Good stuff, those new bulbs really do look nicer don't they :)

    Banjo said...
    Thanks again! another my107 inspired mod done! just fitted this in my Aygo black and it looks great!

    Aching to change the speedo too. Does anyone know how that french guy did it?
    Anonymous said...
    Ive just ordered the LEDS from ultraled, has anyone managed to get the speedo colour changed like on the french site?

    I have blue neons in the footwells too, so to get the center console and speedo changed to will be brilliant.

    Am going to have a play over the weekend, if i get it working I will get pics up with an idiot-proof how to, hopefully!
    jim_shady69 said...
    Can you elaborate on how to remove the white part of the center console that glows? I have removed two screws, but it doesn't seem to want to budge?
    Guido said...
    I've tried that too but couldn't get it out. Anyone else a tip?
    Anonymous said...
    The white bit is annoying!! took me quiet some time, but, you do NOT need to remove the screws. they can stay put.

    There is a white plug with cables coming out of it, remove this. Then, there is a creamy white section that this plugged in to. This bit comes out to reveal the LEDS (on a black bit of plastic, you will see it). Look for the clips holding this creamy white bit in, and gently (Very gently) prise them up, then the whole bit will come out so you can replace the LEDs.

    I took the speedo off and apart, but it looks like the bulbs are soldered onto the circuit board, so this is a no no from my skills!

    Hope that helps :P
    jake said...
    This looks very cool. I havent got my car yet :( only 17, but getting a new 107 urban move in may. If i customise my car i.e full sound system, this what you have here etc... do i have to tell my insurance company or is that just exterrior stuff i have to tell them about?
    With thanks
    Guido said...
    I am in the Netherlands so I can't advice you on your UK inssurance. I would check with them or ask on the 107oc forum.
    Anonymous said...
    Does anyone know how to change the speedo light? and what light bulb is needed? going to change the mid console to blue and want the speedo to match! =)
    Sticker said...
    Jake, if you upgrade your stereo etc it shouldn't affect your insurance only alloys, exhaust, induction kit, colour etc!
    janzam said...
    I've bought the LEDs (the Bright blue and not the green), changed them and it looks absolutely amazing.

    One problem: Since LEDs are directional unlike the standard orange ones, you can actually see the two bulbs because they're so bright. I've used the brown cover thingies, and i've also used a metal nail file to sand down the front of the LED glass to get a "frosted" effect.

    It's much better but i still get two Blue blobs...

    Any tips????
    Guido said...
    I have the same. Maybe someone has a suggestion.
    Anonymous said...
    I've just found you can track down some bulb covers that fit the original bulbs exactly like the original orange ones. I've found some in blue, available on ebay for a fiver - dunno how good they are yet though...

    Ben said...
    Hi, thanks for the help on this thread. I've put disco/rainbow bulbs in mine and they look wicked. I filmed it on my phone and it came out crap but you get the idea.
    ryan said...
    Hi, I have successfully taken everything apart and swapped the bulbs but I think a fuse has blown because when I put on my headlights the bulbs don't come on and neither do the lights behind the speedometer.

    Where is the fuse box and do you know which fuse to replace?

    Thanks, Ryan.
    Guido said...
    Your fuses are under the Speedo cover.
    You have to take the cover of.

    Two screws behind your stearingwheel, then move the cover up and towards you.
    Anonymous said...
    I put the blue LEDs in this weekend. Looks great, but a word of warning:
    What wasn't mentioned here is that the white plastic bit that holds the bulbs is held in with four plastic clips (two on top, one to each side). These can be pulled open to allow the bulb mounting piece out.

    I didn't realise this and managed to break some of these clips off. This means that it won't lock back in place and I had to glue it in with a couple of dabs of super glue when I'd finished.

    No real problem, as I've done the bulb switch and it works, but not sure if I could ever get it out again now.
    franky said...
    hi can you please explain how i can take out the with connecter.
    i tryded everything even with a screw driver but it wont come out
    Guido said...
    there are two locks on the side and one on top. open the one on top and then push the two on the sides inside. should come out.
    Shaun Marsh said...
    I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.
    Carson sirens sc-1022
    Gazza Carline said...
    Just completed this and looks great

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