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Here my new accessorie

Genuine Peugeot 206 Sports Pack alloy gear knob
Peugeot part nr: 9646E4
Price: €59,53
I have put it on the gear lever but it looks a little stupid like this.
The gaiter should go over the lower part of the knob.

So what do you do? Make your own custom gear lever gaiter.

You don't need to take the whole mid console out to get the gear lever gaiter out.
As you can see there are four sections where the frame of the gaiter is fixed to the mid console. If you push the gaiter all the way down the lever you have enough flexibility to push the plastic connectors out of their fixture through the fabric.

Here the whole gear lever gaiter

Here the underside where you can see the four connectors that you can push out of the mid console through the fabric.

The gaiter is fixed to the frame with staples!!! If you take the staples out, the gaiter comes of the frame.

If you unpick the threading you are left with this.
Use this as an example to make the new gaiter.

Here is the old material

Here the new (2 euro fake black leather)

Make sure you have the right measurements, for me the gaiter needed to be a little longer with a wider opening. Then sow the whole thing back together.

I included a piece of elastic in the top part to go over the bottom part of the gear knob.

Fix the gaiter back to the frame.

Here the finished product.

Here is the opening of the gear lever.

All done, you can just click the gaiter frame back in to the four wholes.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Really nice work, im getting my 107 thursday. Do you know if there is speaker cables into the trunk?
    Guido said...
    Have a look at the Car audio section.
    There are no pre installed wires.
    Anonymous said...
    I browsed this entire great site yesterday and ofcourse i found info about the cables, i should have looked before i posted, my apologies.

    I was not pleased to read that i have to place my own cables since i never done such things before.
    I hope i dont ruin anything in the progress.
    If i only replace the front speakers to some high-end ones could i get a little better sound, and maybe just a little more base? If so then i might leave the rear for a couple of months.
    Guido said...
    it's very simple and easy to get the cables in. Just be carefull, but everything is clicked together and very easy to take apart and put back together again.

    let me know if you need help.
    Anonymous said...
    how do i remove the standard gear knob off a 107? alredy bought 1 just cant seem to remove the one alredy fitted..
    Guido said...
    It's screwed on. just unscrew it.
    raj kumar said...
    All manufacturers have different methods for attaching a gear knob and gear gaiter. A smart new gear shift knob for your manual gear box.Gear Knob
    Triple Gaming said...
    I can't see the picture how do I see them? Help please

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