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I have no idea why someone might want to do this but I still had some W5W BlueVision bulbs so I change the original plate lights with these.

I guess time to wash the car :-)

This is the connector right behind your bumper. You have to turn it and then the light will come out.

Here is the connector. I replaced the light already.

Here is the result. The light is whiter and more intense.


  1. Joel Lister said...
    Thanks for the instructions, I was really stuggling to work out how to get the bulb out til I saw your blog. Cheers Mate!!
    Mike Cooper-Hollis said...
    Thanks, tried earlier today but the floor was wet with the rain. Is it just a half turn twist or on a thread?

    If you use the L.E.D bulbs they give a new BMW effect. Go for multiple diodes and highest brightness rating

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