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Very straight forward. Time required 20 minutes.

You will see four circles with number 1 to 4 on my passenger door photo.
Thats the order of removal.

1. Removal of manual wind handle, take a 5mm wide flat screwdriver and force it between the handle and door panel to open a gap, now you see a leg of a silver colored metal cir clip, use another screwdriver to pull one of the legs out the way and at the same time pull wind handle out towards you.

The handle, a plastic washer and cir clip will come out.

2. Now get your fingers behind the silver door handle and prise the plastic cover off. Now you see two screws to remove, plus the one at the door pull that you could always see. Remove these three screws in total.

3. Remove this plastic insert, this is the base of the door handle.

4. Grab an edge of the plastic door panel and pull out a bit from metal, then work your way round gently as possible and pull out, now lift up watching you go over the pull stick at the top LHS of passenger door.

(PS...If you find it difficult just to pull an edge off, you can use a screwdriver and rag to get started, and prise it out without damage, then use your hands to do the rest of the pulling)

5. Make sure all white clips are back into their correct holder on the door card, as some may still be stuck in the metal parts of the door, (pliers required to remove these stubborn clips, watch out you do not damage anything.

This is the door with all the positions of the connections.

That's it, rebuild is the reverse procedure.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Anyone ever converted their windows from manual wind-up to electric?
    Guido said...
    not that I know of, but must be possible.
    Jake s said...
    where are the speakers that come standered in the car, because i thought they were on the front door panels?
    With thanks
    Guido said...
    The speakers are in the dashboard left and right corner all the way under the front window.
    Anonymous said...
    Hi, really informative piece, thanks for this :D What's the White box for on the rear of the door panel on the last picture? Thanks, BM
    waled mohamed said...
    waled mohamed said...

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