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The rev Counter

Unscrew both left and right screw and gently take the whole cover off.

You need the white connector

Place the rev Counter on the support

Connect the white connector and fix the wires together so they don't make weird noices.

Tighten the bold to fix the rev counter to the dashboard

Put the Dashboard cover back on, but don't forget to cut out the hole for the rev counter, and done.

No need to change anything in the Car computer, should work right away.

This was posted on the french Peugeot forum. Great people there :-)
Merci Sophie for the translation ;-)


  1. Awoken said...
    wont you need to cut out a piece of the cover ?
    Also my dealer said that installing a rev counter later on would give problems with the computer ??
    Guido said...
    This is all all could find on the french forum but I will check with my dealer.
    Stè said...
    where can i buy this part on the web?because it costs more than 400 € at the toyota store... can somebody tell me where I can buy this at a lower price? thx a lot
    Guido said...
    This part should costs you €150 euro nothing more. Maybe try a Peugeot or Citroen dealer. 400 is extortion

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