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You can't tell me you haven't had a moment you wanted to use the horn and though, NO I am not because everyone is going to piss his pants. It just sounds, how can I describe it!!! Different

I decided to give the 107 a sex change :-) A horn with a little more hormones (but not too much that you think a truck is approaching)

Here is a Hella horn (€ 10)

Instructions how to take the front bumper off

I recommend to take the bumper of when the weather is warm so all the plastic is a little more flexible and doesn't damage so fast, put your car in the sun to heat it up.

See the little red arrows, you have to unscrew these bolts

See the little red arrows, you have to unscrew these bolts

See the little red arrows, you have to unscrew these bolts.
This one is a little irritating, this screw doesn't really want to get out, you have to pop out the middle screw to take the whole thing out.

Don't forget to unscrew the bottom bolts.

The operation room

Here all the points where the bolts are in the front bumper

See the little red arrow in the lower right corner. That's the location of your horn.

Right the standard excuse for a horn, left a more manly version.

The new horn back on the car. The original horn has only 1 connection. This new one has a separate mass connection, that's why the brown mass wire is connected to the car.


Original Horn

New Horn


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hello, he is just job that I must make, I have a Toyota Aygo.
    You could put an audio of the clacson? I wanted to feel like sound.

    Thanks thousands and compliment for the car.
    MurciƩlaygo said...
    I did one with even more hormones:

    And not to be picky; it's "bolts" with a T, bold
    with a D is something completely different...
    JPT said...
    So did you remove the vertical seperator completeley?
    I wasn't able to mount both spiral horns without removing it. (applied only one yet)

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