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One of our members (EJS) was so kind to operate on my rev and speed counter. He changes the Amber LEDS to blue ones.

thx Jacco for the images

Use these LEDS CLICK


  1. Steelpanda said...
    Does anyone know which LEDs should be used for this?
    ie - what voltage, size and shape?
    Serial numbers would be great if anyone could list them.
    Anonymous said...
    Looks great! :)
    Stefan Leidigkeit said...
    would be nice to know if it took a lot of time to change these two led's, can some1 tell anything? and was it easy to change them or do i need to be a pro to do this?
    Don't know said...
    leds in speedo and rev is:
    smd led 3528
    leds in radio is: smd led 1206
    apixtheape said...
    but what voltage do they run at, because the number you describe is just the size (3,5mmX2,8mm)

    regards, jan
    Emma Joy said...
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