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Here is the Peugeot original Rear Exhaust Embellisher. It's very easy to install, you only have to make sure you don't push it all the way up because it will disappear behind your rear bumper.


  1. alex said...
    When you take a hole, do the rear exhaust embellisher hit the rear bumper?
    Can I put it on my Aygo?
    Guido said...
    I am not sure if it fits on a Aygo.

    It hangs just behind the rear bumper so it can't hit it.
    Anonymous said...
    does it make the exhaust sound different?
    Guido said...
    It has been on the car from the beginning so I don't know.
    Anonymous said...
    i put a new exhaust tip on my aygo last week. nice n simple 2 put on with just 3 bolts and it dnt touch my bumper or anything like that. doesnt make any sund difference that i have noticed just looks generally better. :)

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