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  1. Alex said...
    How do you install the one touch electric window system?
    Guido said...
    Click on the link.
    Alex said...
    Where could I obtain the module?
    Guido said...
    It's a Citro├źn Xantia Bitron Video - One-touch module CA/PSA 3 12V - 9610531880. Try the Citroen dealer.
    Anonymous said...
    The page you've linked to with instructions has expired :(
    Do you have any elsewhere? I'd really like to do this mod after driving a C4!
    Guido said...
    Fixed but you have to be a member of the forum. Sorry
    Forkingabout said...

    A very cool modification.

    Can I ask does it still allow the normal electric window operation where you can either tap the switch to stop the window where it is or press & hold the switch to move the window then let go & the window will stop?


    Guido said...
    As much as I know about it yes that still works.
    Forkingabout said...

    Can I ask on the plug for the Bitron module are the wires for B1 & B2 very thin?

    I couldnt get hold of a CA/PSA 3 12V - 9610531880 but I did manage to find a CA / PSA 4 12 V 9612488180 module.

    The wires in A1 to A4 on the plug are nice & thick but B1 & B2 are really thin & not up to carrying the current for an electric window motor, would I need to change this to a thicker wire before installation?

    Or does fitting this module mean it just uses wires A1 & A4 to supply power to the window motor?


    Forkingabout said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Mike said...
    Has anyone of you installed window closure module in your 107/C1/Aygo?

    I'm planning to get one myself (, but not sure if this will work with OEM central locking.

    It says there that this module is for any car alarm with a window closure output or positive/negative central locking.

    Any tips guys?

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