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Some speakers in the doorpanels, not done yet. Keep you posted.


  1. Anonymous said...
    how do u take the rear speakers out of an aygo?!
    Guido said...
    I don't have an Aygo but I guess you mean the one that are in the sides.
    you could have a look at the Aygo installation manuals. you can find them on my site. type "Schemes" in the search bar and you will find them.

    Here is the url:
    Alex said...
    if its a 3 door you take the rubber off from around the front door and then theres a clip where the two peices of plastic panels come together on the back in the gap. Put your finger in here and push the slip while firmly but gently pulling the door card forward (without breaking it). It should all unclip and you will be able to see the bolts behind the speakers.
    jw191 said...
    Hi - Great Job - I've been wondering about doing something similar for some time. In pictures 4 onwards what did you use to fill the gaps and produce a smooth finnish? Is it plaster? Just wondering about the additional weight that the clips will have to support. Alos any ideas if this type of mod will effect warranty?
    Guido said...
    These are not my doors but I think this guy used some filler like they used in car repairs. I am not so sure about the warranty, they always find some kind of reason to screw the warranty.

    If you find some good wood that is not to heavy I don't think that the whole doorpanel will get too heavy.

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