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I am installing Pioneer TS- E1396 160W 13cm Rear speakers for some extra sound. The wires are already in the car (see my previous post of Dec 2)

The box of the speakers has a circle in it that is pre-cut and the exact size of the wholes you need to make.

Mark the circle that you need to cut out.

I used a dremel to make the holes.

Here is the result.

Place the screw holders.

Place the speaker in the whole, use some screws to fix them in place.

Place the speaker cover over the speakers and done.

Connecting the wires. I made some little holes with tie-raps to keep the wires in place. Over the wires I used a flexibel cover that I bought at an electronics store.

Here the other speaker. All done.

To make sure I can detach whole back cover I used these connectors, this is the male.

Here the female that sticks out from the side, right behind the back seat.

The two together.

All done.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Nice Job dude
    Djoerd said...
    Excellent stuff, you've helped me out with the front speakers already. Now the speakers in the back: I failed to find a post on how you get the wires from the radio itself to the panel under the glovecompartment, the point where you feed the wires under the floorboard. Is there any easy access to the inside of the dashboard?

    Guido said...
    Go down from the radio to the little ventilation shafts (passenger side), then under the floor cover to the front corner of the door. From their you need to take the rubber and plastic covers off to go to the back.

    look at my "wires" post for that.
    Al said...
    Hi I have some very similar pioneer speakers and I still need some cable. two questions: firstly does the cable connect straight into the standard head unit without and modification? and secondly do i need any specific cables or connectors to do it the way you set up yours? thank you. AL
    Guido said...
    1. I am not sure but there must be a place on the iso connector for the rear speakers. MAybe check the radio manual or check on the 107oc forum.
    2. You can use regular speaker cable, I used nothing special just the regular stuff from a Car radio shop.
    AL said...
    Thanks very much great blog! love the car,my 107 is black aswell, Best colour!
    Niek said...
    Hi, thank you very much for your How-to's. Just ordered a new Citroen C1 and I'm planning to replace the original frontspeakers with the same speakers as you did.

    I also would like to put rear speakers in my car. I was just wondering if the hat rack enjoys the weight of the speakers. Could imagine that it is bending because of the weight of the speakers. Looking forward to hear from you.
    Guido said...
    The weight of the speakers is no problem.
    Near said...
    Hey man

    Do you have any problems of vibrations with the parcel shelf due to the new speakers?
    Guido said...
    no vibrations at all.
    But you could put a bit of rubber under the parcel where it touches the Car on both sides.
    Anonymous said...
    Hey great install! I was thinking of doing a similar thing but I can't seem to find one of those detachable terminals... - I've looked everywhere!

    Would be a great help if you could point me in the right direction.

    Anonymous said...
    yeah detachable terminals = hard to find
    and those metal connectors to the headset, were the rear speakers are connected to the headset..
    ill be buggered if i can remember the name though..
    UK, Sport XS, Surrey =]
    Anonymous said...
    can anyone tell me if there is a speaker loom for the rear speakers already installed if so which side does it go, many thanks
    Guido said...
    No, you have to put the wires in yourself.
    Jake said...
    Hey, love the website just ordered some rear speakers and im struggling with how to get the radio out so i can connect all the wires. do i have to take off all of the middle compartment. As much help as possible would be greatly appreciated!
    Guido said...
    it will be easier to connect your new radio.

    You have to pull pretty hard, start on the bottom left and right side.

    but be carefull
    Anonymous said...
    Hi this has been asked before but haven't found an answer. Where can I find one of those detachable terminals? Any website or keyword I can type onto google? I've tried the obvious ones but no luck. Thanks
    Mike Shaw said...
    I used an auto leads PC5-08, you can find them online/eBay or any Halfords can order them
    விஜய் said...
    Can anyone say why i cant see any more images on this pageplease? i have bought a pair of rear pseakers for my C1 and i wanted to know how to fit them :(

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