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I ordered a genuine Peugeot 107 sports grill in stainless steel.

Here the whole set, instructions, screw and badge set, upper and lower grill.

Here the little set of screws, plugs and the sports badge

As my car is black I wanted to have the grill in black.

These are the plugs that have to go in the original grill to fix the new grill to the car.

all done


  1. Anonymous said...
    Where did you buy this grill?
    Guido said...
    106parts ebay shop
    Anonymous said...
    how much did this cost you?
    Guido said...
    I think I paid 175 pounds.
    richard said...
    hi there i have a c1 and ive noticed you can buy this sports grill for the pug 107,is it possible to change it so i can fit it to the c1???
    Guido said...
    I would start from scratch.

    It's pretty sollid.
    Anonymous said...
    Hi there, my name is john and i'm from portugal...and i found this site a time a go and i have a C1 and i will turn it into 107...yeah i know its crazy...but hey...its my taste ;) eheheh...another thing...if u wanna...u can change it into peugeot...those supports are the same ;) I'l send Guido some pics to u see!

    See ya arround;)

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