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Scan Gauche II
The integrated Trip Computer provides realtime feedback while simultaneously tracking three sets of trip data. The Digital Gauges give you realtime data for your vehicle and the built-in Scan Tool allows you to read trouble codes and diagnose potentially expensive problems before they get out of hand.

It will be able to read all the features on the Peugeot 107 (that are available on the107)
Price: € 165,-
Visit the website here


  1. Anonymous said...
    It is very interesting but what signals will you be able to read in a Peugeot 107?
    Will you be able to read l/100km?
    Guido said...
    I think you get all the features mentioned on the website, if you want to be sure you have to email them at
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Guido,

    I got a mail from them. It will be able to read all the features on the Peugeot 107!
    Guido said...
    that's great and thanks for letting me know, I've updated the post with that info.
    Christian said...
    Being able to "read all the features" does not exactly mean that the 107 HAS all the features. E.g. you may not get fuel consumption, speed or other essentail data. I afraid the module you reads alle AVAILABLE data.
    I would personally be very interested if I could get readouts of fuel consumption, speed, top speed, average speed and distance travelled.
    RS said...
    I would be very interested too if it displays the instant fuel consuption in liters/100km.
    Did any one bought one to solve the mistery?
    Tommy said...
    It works perfectly fine on my Aygo. Speed, range, instant consumption, everything that is mentioned in the manual. It also has a feature to change from l/100 to mpg and km to miles.
    Must have.
    pjlague said...
    Hi tommy or anybody
    I have a C1,can you please tell me what actualy works.i am thinking of turbo charging does it give boost pressure or manifold pressure ect
    Best Regards Peter
    Anonymous said...
    Works great on my Aygo, too. vehicle speed (MPH-KMH), engine speed (RPM), l/100 km, current consumption, voltage, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, engine load, throttle position, ignition timing, not: manifold pressure.
    Have a look at:
    Anonymous said...
    This link is the same but shorter:
    Anonymous said...
    Just installed a SC2 on my C1. works just fine. Things like these should come as factory options.
    Took me a while to disassemble the front panel (wanted to fit it just like in the picture), but all went well.
    Again, thanks alot.

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