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So here we go, we have to try to get all these into the car.

From let to right: grey and white are back speakers, the yellow wire has to go direct to battery, black is ground, flat grey is subwoofer control box, blue wires are subwoofer.

The yellow wire has to go directly to the battery, I have asked the Peugeot dealer if I could connect it to the battery cable behind the radio but they told me that that could cause problems with the electrical systems in the car. There got a few cars that had weird electrical problems because of this.

I have started with the wire that goes directly to the battery. There is a rubber seal just above the gas pedal, there are two pipes going into the motor compartment and you can push the wire straight through it, it very flexibel. I would not make a hole in and but just push it next to one of the pipes to the other side.

Here you can see the wire that goes into the rubber right next to one of the pipes.

In your motor compartment you will have to savely feed the wire to the battery, but don't connect it yet!

Here is the result.

Now the rest of the wires. Remove the plastic cover on the passenger side, right under your glove box. Be careful because there is only one way you can pull and that's towards the back of the car.

This is how it looks like underneath. The white dots are the connectors that hold the cover.

Now pull the rubber away and you will see a whole lot of space to put the wires in. If you only have back speakers with some thin wires, I would put them here.

If you have more wires, like me, you have to remove the floor fabric and underneath there you will find allot of space.

Now you have to feed the wire to the backseat. You need to remove the plastic cover again that hooks into the rubber and have those white connectors again.

Feed the wires to to the back seat and put them under the plastc covers. You don't have to remove the covers, there is enough room.

To get the wires to the back compartment, I removed the seatbelt bold so I could move the plastic cover aside and feed the wires behind it. Don't forget to put the bold back on :-)

Here you can see the wires coming into the back compartment.

Before I connected the yellow battery cable I connected the black ground wire to the car where the back seat is screwed into the floor of the car. See previous picture to see the bold. Make sure you have a fuse in the section that is in your engine compartment.

I am sure there are other maybe more proffesional way's of doing this but this is how I did it.


  1. Fredrik said...
    Nice work... Are you planning on istalling new front speakers aswell? I recently installed new 4" fronts in my car, but i really feel like fitting something bigger. Like 6.5" or 5.25" and trying to fit them in the doorpanels. It should be possible to fit atleast 5.25" in the rear end of the doors, or what do you think?
    Guido said...
    I have 10cm in front and 13cm in the back + a sub woofer and that's enough for me. I would reccomment to try that first before you start adding speakers in your door.

    I the next few weeks I will post more on my speakers.

    awoken said...
    So how much meters of cable did you use ? yes meters as i`m dutch ;)
    Guido said...
    4 meters (came with the speakers)
    The sub cable was 5 meters
    MurciƩlaygo said...
    Did you fuse the yellow cable at the battery???
    If not, you have a risk of fire should the
    insulation get nicked or rubbed through!!!
    Guido said...
    Yes there is a fuse on the yellow battery cable right behind the radio.
    Magnus said...
    What about the other end of the cabling? How did you attach the rear speaker cables to the ISO connector?
    Guido said...
    they connect directly to wires that come from the back of your radio. Your radio manual will tell you which color is what.
    Guido said...
    You can also check which wires from the back of your radio are the rear speakers and then look to which they connect behind the iso connector.
    Mave said...
    I know it is a late reaction, but I used your howto and photos today to get a 12v wire inside my Aygo and just want to say THANX!!

    I had also question; is it not a problem that the yellow is so close near the warm pipe??

    Regards, Mave (
    Guido said...
    as long as you use good quality wire that should be no problem, but it might be a good idea to check one in a while.
    Mave said...
    That's a fast reaction. I'll check it in a week or so. I'll let you know if there is a problem.
    Anonymous said...
    the yellow wire goes in your cd player or in your amplifier ? and is it + or - ? thank you
    Guido said...
    it goes to the sub it's a +
    Jambo said...
    Hi....Has been really good looking at pics and how to do things to modify my pug....I have installed a kenwood W3534A just yesterday...I wouldn't of had a clue how to get the old one out if i hadn;t been reading it. I will post pics of the car as i have spent £1500 on it....I am going to fit front speakers tomorrow Fli 4'' 180watt
    arban said...
    that looks amazing, nice job im now thinking i might do the same! but i cant afford to buy a new sterio, did you use the origonal sterio that comes with the car or did you buy a new one, if you did does the old one have the right conecters for more speakers? cheers
    Guido said...
    I used a new radio with a Sub output because that's missing on the original radio.
    Bryan said...
    Where did you get the spade connectors to fit into the rear of the stereo for the speaker wires to connect to?
    Guido said...
    electronics shop. But there are a whole bunch of different connectors for something like this.
    Anonymous said...
    Hi am I right in thinking that I would only have to use the white and grey wires from your first picture if I wanted to install 13cm speakers on the rear shelf? I don't want any subs/amps just normal speakers connected to the stock cd player for now and on after-market player in the future.

    Guido said...
    2 wires left 2 wires right speaker, that's all you need.

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