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It started to really annoy me that the rear window get's dirty very fast and you have this dwarf rear wiper to create a little hole to the world behind you.

I replaced the original 30 cm wiper with a 40 cm (16inch), here you can see the difference.

40 cm wiper, look like the original.

It's unbranded or SFW, they didn't gave me a box and the invoice doesn't mention any brand, I just took my old one to them and told them I want this one but bigger :-).

9 euro from

They have a 35cm version also.

wisserblad achter
40cm artkel nr: 86-116560


  1. MurciƩlaygo said...
    Where did you get this? What brand? And are they available as 35cm (14") too? As a 40cm would interfere with my lettering on the back of my car under the 3rd brakelight.
    Guido said...
    It's unbranded or SFW, 9 euro from Brezan.

    They have a 35cm version also.

    wisserblad achter
    40cm artkel nr: 86-116560
    Kevin said...
    Hi, firstly great Forum, keep it up!
    the dirty peep hole annoys the crap out of me too! However I was at my friendly Peugeot dealership and we discovered that the 206 2nd version rear wiper fits too. One small problem is the top of the wiper doesn't sit on the window as with the Fiat mod mentioned on another Blog. So it doesn't wipe properly! I guess the guys n gals down at Peucitroyota knew that and gave the rear wiper from the 307. Would anyone know if swf make a 350mm or 400mm flat wiper, after all they are much more curved/flexible than the org one?
    Strainu said...
    Can you post a picture with the wiper at it's vertical position? I'm curious if it's still on the window.
    Guido said...
    Sorry it took a while, your picture is posted.
    Johan said...
    Excuse my language, but how the hell did you remove the the wiper blade? I can't see to get it of!

    Some tips?

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