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Dear visitors,
Today we have launched our new webblog layout on the same address as before
All the articles on this webblog ( will stay available.
In the new layout we will continue posting articles about the big three (aygo, 107 & c1)

Red 107 or C1?
The front of a Peugeot 107 and the rear looks of a Citroen C1.
- 15inch OZ Ultraleggera
- Black angel eye headlights
- Musketier exhaust 90mm L+R
- Grey rear lights

Peugeot 107 1.6 20v

- Engine swap, Toyota 1600 Twincam 4A-GE 115Kw/165bhp
- 15inch OZ Superturismo
- Sport seats
- Lester roof spoiler
- 30mm KW Loweringsprings

Max speed: 207 km/h (128mph)

Nice Peugeot 107 RC

- 15inch Evo-star wheels
- Black angel eye headlights
- Carbon frontbar, roof, rear bumper.
- Roof spoiler
- Rear mudflaps
- Sport seats
- ICE for a good sound

Toyota Aygo with a full TTE bodykit
The spoiler is not from TTE but the original Toyota version.
The black Aygo sport striping makes it all complete.

Burberry interior wrap

Toyota Aygo Xpress
- 14inch alloy wheels
- AYGO Side striping
- Leather interior

Just 250 will be made.

- Full exhaust system
- Dastek unichip Q+
- Cone air filter
- EBC brake pads
- Nippon perfomance disc brakes
-Koni strt , apex 35mm
- OZ Ultraleggera 15"
and some other tuning specs

Step 1: Trace the contour of your original rear shelf.
Step 2: Buy an audioset.
Step 4: Cut the contour of the speakers out of the wood.
Step 5: Cover the wood for a nice appearance, optional: add soundproofing material.
Step 6: Connect the audio to your radio.


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