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Received my light guards on Monday. They are very easy to mount, takes around 5 minutes. From ebay. Item number: 330055965439 from a company called 106parts.

Here are the instructions.

Straight from the box.

This is how they look like.

Here my car to remind you how it looked.

You have to fit there plastic connectors to the guards. It's a little hard to get them on but use some brute forse and they will get on.

If you push the guards straight on, the upper section just clicks over the top of the light unit.

This is how they look from above with the bonnet closed.

All done.

Right one.

Left one.

The end result. I like it, but I think you need to get them in the color of your car.
And I think they only come in black.

With the lights on.

and left.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Do these come in other colours ?
    Guido said...
    they come in black and transparent.
    Anonymous said...
    could you spray them another colour?
    Guido said...
    I guess so. If you buy the transparent ones and spray the inside.
    Anonymous said...
    Thanks, cz I have a Yellow 107 and it might look abit wierd with Black ones x
    Anonymous said...
    You dont know if these are avaliable for a citroen c1 because ive looked everywhere but cannot find any?
    Guido said...
    no, but Lester has some eyelids for the C1.

    Lester link is in the right side navigation of my site.

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