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With a full load in the back (two adults), my rear wheels touch the inside of the bodywork just a little.

To solve this you need a special tool (flaring tool) that bends the inside corner of the fender a bit more and thereby creating a bit more room for the wheel.

Here you can see that the flaring tool folds the little corner from a standard 90 degree angle to a 45 or more.

Done at: MCC Sport
Price: €45,- per wheel


  1. Jake s said...
    did ur alloys touch the body with a full load before u got it lowered?
    with thanks
    Guido said...
    yes. It doesn't touch the inside of the fender it touched the rounded edge of the bodywork.
    Ripper_otr said...
    I suffer the same... how much ET has your wheels???
    Guido said...
    6,5 x 15 ET38
    matthew said...
    i am adding some new wheels to my 107 i was wondering if u had a problem with the wheels touching the back bumper as its close already as standard and im worried about bigger wheels catchin the bumper any help or knowledege of this would be helpfull email me at

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