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Here is how to change your ceiling light. I wanted the light to be a little stronger and more white, because I can't see shit with the original light.

I used the Philips Bluevision W5W lights.

Here is the light.

Take the light out with a little screw driver or just use your fingers.

Take the green and grey connector out.

When you have taken the connector out you can see the light bulp. Just pull it out.

Here is the new bulp.

Place the cover back in and just push it until it clicks in.

All done.


  1. Anonymous said...
    And a picture of the light by night?
    Guido said...
    It's hard to make a picture of it but the light is allot whiter and brighter. It's not blue.
    Anonymous said...
    after seeing this i did my light and wow i can see , this is a must it is brighter and a white light . v good post daz300
    Anonymous said...
    Hi !
    Great blog and pictures.
    I own a red 107 and luww the "lill' cutie" - but I am very irritated that they decided to NOT put in the cheap door-switches for the cabin/domelight. At least they saves that cost here in Denmark, in both 107/C1/Aygo.

    Only my driver-door will switch on the cabin light, and there is no delay when it switches off ...
    (- the "almost as cheap" Renault Clio has dimmed cabinlights, even if you open the "trunk" .... )

    Since it looks as if you have been everywhere under the skin, you might be able to answer if :

    1. Do you have wires/switches for all doors in your car ?

    2. Did they at least put the wires or do we have to take thecar almost apart to place wires to each door and maybe also to the "trunk" :(
    Guido said...
    No I have also only on the driver side the light switch. It is possible to make an extra door light switch.
    You have to order a new switch and and screw and bold.
    - switch - 6366.C1
    - screw and bold - 6822.A7

    The right door is already ready for the switch, but you have to wire it all yourself.

    here two pictures:

    Light delay
    You can buy a light delay for cars in an electronics store for max 10 euro.
    Here is one:
    rasitlin said...
    When you fitted the passenger courtesy switch how did you remove the panel to get at it.
    I am ham fisted an do not wish to break anything.


    Guido said...
    Have a look here:
    Anonymous said...
    Not the door panel but the trim behind the pillar with the switch on
    Guido said...
    you have to pull it, it also uses the same plastic connectors.
    tob888y said...
    are the bulbs in the interior the same as in the side lights?
    Guido said...
    there the same as you front indicator lights
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Guys

    I decided to change my interior light as well, but thought I'd use LED's as they consume a lot less power and have a clean, crisp light. I got them from here and trust me, they're bright!



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