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As my car is black I wanted to paint the interior covers in the same color.

Left ventilation cover

You can pull them off, but be careful

Right ventilation cover.

Rev meter cover

Turn the cover counter clock wise and it will come off.

Cover around the speed indicator. You have to take the whole cover off.
There are two screws behind your steering wheel. When you have taken the screws out put your finger behind the cover where it touches the main dashboard near the front window and pull it gently up and towards you. The whole cover should come off very easy.

On the inside of the cover you see that some connectors hold the front cover.

Just the front

Rev meter + the two ventilation covers

Clean the covers and degrease them, then spray some plastic primer

Dry them all

Then paint them in the color you want, black in my case. after drying I sprayed a transparent layer to make the black look even nicer.

Speed indicator cover sprayed in black

After drying mounted back on the main cover.

Mounted back in the car. Make sure you mount the speed indicator cover before you mount the rev meter.

End result.
Finished rev meter

Ventilation left

Ventilation right


  1. Anonymous said...
    do you know if is it possible to do the same thing with the handles of the doors?
    Guido said...
    Yes it's possible, I've seen it, but I reccoment to have it painted professionally by a car painter as the paint they use is much harder.
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Guido

    Again another great article, you are my saviour for modding my car! Could you paint the heating/ventilation controls and the slider as well? Or would you recommend getting these professionally painted as well?


    Guido said...
    yes you can. I've seen it done.
    Kich said...
    I have done this but in red and I want to also do the middle dash bored part as well as the Heating/Ventilation controls and I was wondering if you would know how to get theses parts off?


    Guido said...
    Behind the ventilation speed button (middle) is a screw. Unscrew then pull the midconsole towards you. It will take a bit of force. but be carefull.
    toyo-tuner said...
    wow, looks really good, im hoping to do this to my aygo, what paint did you use, a metallic ?
    Guido said...
    Solid black car paint. Don't forget a good primer.
    Anonymous said...
    do you know where I can find the 4 cover parts to buy?
    Guido said...
    Order them from your car dealer or if you are lucky ebay.

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