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Dear visitors,
Today we have launched our new webblog layout on the same address as before
All the articles on this webblog ( will stay available.
In the new layout we will continue posting articles about the big three (aygo, 107 & c1)


  1. Patrice Midori said...
    I love that car, the new edition is even cuter i think. I used to have the aygo, but i think i'll go for the peugeot 107 new model, it has a cute retro look.
    Car Trapped said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    alfred said...
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    Unknown said...
    I all please help anyone know where to buy the rainbow bulb kit for the centre console for a c1 many thanks mick
    Car Trapped said...
    This is the one of the best and informatic blogspot for car trapped in mud
    Sam cool said...

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