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Peugeot 107 1.6 20v

- Engine swap, Toyota 1600 Twincam 4A-GE 115Kw/165bhp
- 15inch OZ Superturismo
- Sport seats
- Lester roof spoiler
- 30mm KW Loweringsprings

Max speed: 207 km/h (128mph)


  1. said...
    very nice car!!! i love this mod !!! But what about brakes and about handing? i have seen 2 videos of this car in youtube and if you want i can post some links...Please tell as about brakes and handing :-D
    Ro Ka said...
    fit the engine directly or what had to be adjusted?
    MarcX Photography said...
    Love this mod! Where are the videos of this car? I need to hear hsi sound :P said... said...

    T2Racing said...
    Please email me !

    I am planning to build a C1 racecar with 20v motor, i woul love to speak with you about your learnings

    Kevin Andersen said...
    Can i ask a couple questions?
    Kevin Andersen said...
    Can i ask a couple questions?
    Sam cool said...

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