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As I posted before Clear Wings has developed a full stainless steel exhaust systems which include manifold, sport cat, one silencer and rear box and full carbon bmc style real carbon enclosed air intake.

The full stainless exhaust system is circa £600 / €912 with a full lifetime guarentee (remembering that the std manifold alone is £700 / €1064 from dealer) and the carbon intake system is £140.00 / €213.

The exhaust has been tested for several months and will be ready for sale by the end of the week.

The intake kits are in stock now! As a company they are very interested in developing many tuning products for the c1/107/aygo.

With both products fitted the vehicle sounds fantastic and there are some useful power gains. We have gps timed our car at a ten dead 0-60 and a top speed (slightly downhill) of 118mph / 190kmph

Pictures will follow soon.


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