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From (I can almost call him my correspondent) Mr Tan from Singapore.
He sound proofed his car and this guy means some serious business.

materials used:
Accumat - 4 doors (double layer), floor
Aurix (korean brand) - wheel arch, rear deck
Taiwan brand - wind noise reduction rubber

All these sound proofing are making the car gaining a few more pounds, but it feels more stable at high speed. Fuel economy is effected just a little noting serious.

I'll post the Audio installation n a few day's.


  1. kinglarry said...
    Hi great site I cant get enough just one question i want to install a amp with sub and speakers in my c1 can the factory fitted cd player take a amp i mean does it have rca connections at the back of the standard unit or what do u suggest
    phreak said...
    for what is the accumat ?

    am i allowed to install sport seats in my 107 ?
    cause i have airbags in my seats
    must they be deactivated ?
    Guido said...
    I've seen Sport Seats in an Aygo but I don't know how that works with the seat sensor. I would check with a good seat manufacturer like Sparco.
    Guido said...
    Accumat is a soundproofing material.
    Martin said...
    Hi Guido
    I'd like to soundproof my 107 - should i remove the existing felt from under the carpet or leave it in?
    Guido said...
    if you look at the pictures, they left the front bit and changed all the rest
    Griff said...
    I'm interested in doing this. How many square meters were needed?
    Anonymous said...
    How does the airbag wiring under the front seat disconnect at the green connector? I am trying to take out the seet.
    Guido said...
    yes, the green connectors under the seats.
    You need to detach the wire from the chair frame and you have to take off the connector. You might want to use a little screw driver in the connector to unlock it.
    masini sorin said...
    Digging up this 1908 topic...

    Did anyone tried to soundproof (successfully) the firewall to reduce the engine noise in front of the car?


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