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Hi All.
This is the reply from Banzai magazine on their project car............

Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I am in the process of building a
supercharged, track day style Toyota Aygo, in conjunction with a
specialist called TTS Performance in Silverstone. Choosing to modify
a city car may sound like a strange move for a Japanese car tuning
magazine like Banzai, but I feel this is the way the entire tuning
scene will soon be going. It's already happening in Japan, where the
majority of the top ten best-selling cars come from the tiny Kei-
class; and when modified they succeed in turning more heads than
1000bhp Skylines. Sounds strange but I can assure you it's true.

My other reasons for choosing the Aygo are for its light weight, the
engine's use in a wide variety of other cars (hence kick-starting the
respective tuning scenes for these cars), its environmental
qualities, and because I feel I have to try and take the lead in
setting new trends.

Tuning gains in a light car will make a greater percentage difference
to performance than on a heavier car. So now that the Aygo is pushing
out 139bhp, it's a real flier. The only main difference from details
published in the current February issue is that we've now switched
from an ERL MF2 injector driver for the fourth injector to a Gotech
MFI ECU, which, though capable of being a standalone ECU, is being
used in piggyback format instead to control the extra fuelling. It is
an easier, more all-encompassing, and cheaper alternative that works
exceptionally well.

Everybody involved in the project has been amazed by the results of
this conversion. It really is superb and extremely driveable. The
supercharger, by its very nature, produces a linear power delivery
that doesn't put too much strain on the transmission components. Peak
power is produced at the top-end, where everything is spinning and
gripping well already. For more information and photos, please take a
look at either the latest issue, or the March issue which I'm busy
finishing off at the moment.

I'd appreciate it if you could cut and paste this into your 107OC
forum. Any forum members are also welcome to email me on banzai@unity- and ask further questions about this conversion. As you can
imagine, with so many other forums to keep an eye on, I don't always
have a great deal of time to check them all.

Finally, the conversion will become available soon, initially to all
Aygo, C1 and 107 owners. Prices and availability will be published at
a later date.

Hope this gets you all up-to-speed!


Joe Clifford

Found this on the TTE website.
Banzai working with the TTE bodyparts (1Mb pdf file)


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