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I did a little experiment to see what the difference in fuel consumption is using the original and pimp wheels.

7.17ltr/100Km - 195/40/17 Team Dynamics Jet black Hankook Summer tyres.
5.38ltr/100Km - 155/65/14 Original steal wheels Nokian Winter tyres.

As you can see, the difference is noticeable in the amount of road you can cover on one tank and how full your wallet will be when you reach the end of your trip.

I did not change my driving style and I think there is more room for improvement in tyres (summer tyres), standard ECU, manifold, exhaust and a more tree loving right foot. First and last one might be key.

My average fuel consumption

See my fuel consumption


  1. de Dikke said...
    I also did some calculations on the fuel consumption of my 107. I had the original tyres put on alloys for summer use, and had the same size winter tyres put on the original steel wheels. 9701 Km used 457,04 liters in the summer, So far 2151 Km used 109,55 liters this winter. It's quite hard to do similar mileage on winter tyres.
    On average I did 4,82 l/100 Km, or 20,74 Km/liter.
    Yup, that old fart driving too slow in front of you might be me. ;o).
    Anonymous said...
    i gotta say, that i am getting worse mpg, but my alloys are rubbish ripspeed ones :(

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