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Updated my ECU for my latest setup.
Open air filter
Sports manifold
Sport Cat - Exhaust

82.3Hp @ 5713 / 118Nm @ 3403rpm
87.2Hp @ 5750 / 122Nm @ 3389rpm

There is a bit more room in performance. We will do another run in 2 months

Sports manifold

ECU connector

Dyno before

Dyno before

Dyno results


  1. ode said...
    What is the manufacturer of the ecu? Is it bosch?
    Marco said...
    I was right when I posted on previous manifold post witch I told that this modification will reach around 88hp. Perhaps you didn't understood what I said. Do remebered it Guido?
    Guido said...
    Yes Bosch
    Guido said...
    You are right Marco, yes.
    Marco said...
    how much did cost the ecu? bosch is good but expensive
    Guido said...
    Used the original ECU that came with the car.
    cornnatron said...
    Hello Guido ,

    How much do you think to end up with in the end.
    around 90Hp/127nm ?
    Glad to know that the software is going nice.
    Guido said...
    90 would be great but who knows :-)
    daemon said...
    Hi Guido,

    Maybe it would be better to wrap your header or move your air filter a bit to squeeze out 2hp more?

    Lot of heat gets radiated from stainless headers in my experience.

    Nice results though :)

    Maybe more interesting: inlet air temperature was 10 degrees less in the morning and still you managed to get this much gain in the afternoon :)
    Cornnatron said...
    did he get the fuel/air ratio more stable ?
    Guido said...
    It just runs on Air :-)

    For got to look at that. Will check next time.
    Marco said...
    Hi Guido,

    And performance on road? What you gain?

    Can you post here at least top speed and 0-100 acceleration?
    Anonymous said...
    Are you still running with the chiptuning?
    Guido said...
    Yes an updated one.
    Sam cool said...

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