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Sports manifold is available now.
Introduction price: € 199,-

Contact for National and International orders.

De Snelle Leeuw

Californiedreef 45
3565 BK Utrecht


My order has arrived at De Snelle Leeuw. All new C1Cup Manifold and exhaust.

I am testing this version, De Snelle Leeuw will have the whole kit available soon.

Kit is installed. Looks good, nice quality, fits pretty good (except the holes on the manifold need to be adjusted a little). You don't have to take your front bumper of to install.

My initial thoughts.
Rear silencer is really quiet. It's sounds nice and sporty but very social.
Performance, it feels like I have move power over the whole rev range, you can feel it when you drive. 2500 rpm to drive 100Km/h. I am on a Dyno next week to get some real performance numbers. Stay tuned!!

For the dutch readers.
I'll put all info on de Citybugclub forum (need to be a member first) when I have some time.


Price update.
Manifold - €199
Middle pipe - ?
Exhaust - ?

When available orders can be shipped internationally.


- Yesterday my engine light went on, I had it checked and it looks like this sports Cat is on the limit of what the Computer allows. So no problem just a Cat sensor.
I am checking if the chip people can fix this in the computer.


Did a dyno run today.
Here are the results
80.6BHP @ 5665RPM - 119Nm @ 2942RPM that about 5-6HP increase.

A bit weird as the dyno run after chiptuning (few months ago) is much higher.
But today's data look much more realistic.


We've fixed the Cat. I've been in contact with the fabricator in Italy through a contact from C1 Aygo 107 Club Italy, we've moved the sensor to the back of the Cat and it seems to be working. A bit stupit that it was something as simple as that. I made a trip of 310Km today and the engine light did not switch on.

UPDATE 6 Final production model arrived for one final test.

UPDATE 7 Final product for sale. see top of this post.


  1. Venomous said...
    What's the price tag on this one? If you can feel it, then it should make a difference.
    Guido said...
    In Italy price is 380 euro per section. I am testing this one and in a couple of weeks I know what the price will be. I will post it as soon as I know.
    Dodiduck said...
    I'm from Denmark.As you mention that 380 euro/section(Italy).How many parts that I need to complete this exhaust system ? BTW I'm waiting for your dyno run result.Perhaps it's can reach 95 hp or up!!Who's know?
    Guido said...
    €380 is the price in Italy. The price for this kit from De Snelle Leeuw is not set yet. As soon as I know I will post it here.

    There 3 sections. Manifold, Middle tube with Cat and the silencer.
    Guido said...
    Just received the price for the Manifold.


    When available, orders can be shipped internation

    Waiting for the price of the other 2 components.
    Venomous said...
    200 euros for a manifold is not too much. It's ok, especially if it fits with the rest of the stock exhaust.
    Anonymous said...
    But it doesn't fit with the original exhaust , manifold doesn't have a cat. in it of what i can see ,so you would also need the middle pipe with the cat.

    also i think the size of the original muffler pipe doesn't the middle pipe, i think the pipe size is bigger of the new pipe ?
    Cornnatron said...
    I thougt it was 81.6Bhp Guido
    Guido said...
    I thought so too, but wasn't sure. the graph states 80.6hp. Doesn't really matter.
    remaxx said...

    Guido said:
    "- Yesterday my engine light went on, I had it checked and it looks like this sports Cat is on the limit of what the Computer allows. So no problem just a Cat sensor."

    I've viewed the pictures, a little confused myself there. Two lambda sensor before the catalyst?
    For OBD-2 vehicle is usually a sensor before and one after the catalytic converter installed.
    Could that be the error?
    Anonymous said...
    hey guido, am i correct and are your rearlights white? are this new rearlight that you have to buy or did you make it yourself? and how did you do that?

    greetz niesse
    niesse said...
    hey guido, am i right and do you have white rearlights? where did you bought them? or did you have something done with it to make it white?

    greetz niels
    Guido said...
    These are Citroen C1 rear lights but I took the colored filters out and fitted LED's
    niesse said...
    hey guido, i tryed to pop out the colored filters but i cant get it out, how did you do that? and where did you bought the LED's ? thanks
    Anonymous said...
    hey guido, i tryed to to pull out the color filters and the lights but cant get them dit you manage it? and where to buy led's?

    Guido said...
    I used a little screw driver. They should come out.

    I bought the leds from:

    2 X LED Bulb Load Resistors
    2 x Amber 45-LED Flash Indicator
    2 x Red 45-LED Tail/Stop Light
    1 x White 36-LED Flash Indicator
    2 x Red 45-LED Indicator Light
    Marco said...
    hi guido. to gather simple information about exhaust system ask me this questions please. I live in Portugal and i want to know: how much this three parts will cost and how much power engine will increase? the 80.6 hp are reached with or without chip and induction kit?
    Guido said...
    The manifold will be €199, the other parts are not public yet.

    the 80.6hp is with Air filter and chip.
    John said...
    How much did the whole package cost? Did you buy everything directly thru "De Snelle Leeuw" and did you/they mount that on the car? Also do other silencers fit after the middle tube?
    Guido said...
    yes everything ordered and mounted through DSL.
    manifold is 199 euro, don't know the price for the mid pipe with Cat and silencer.

    in a couple of weeks they have a new updated version available.
    Filip said...
    Hi Guodo !!Im from Macedonia, followed by your exemples, i did the chip tuning,it coast me 300 euros,i fitted a inside panel k&n filter,and i changed the back box exaust with a sport mufler.The power is improwed a lot espesually in the low and middle revs.Also the rev limiter is changed to 7000 revs per minut ,i dont know the ccorect number becouse my 107 doesent have rev counter,but i asume according to the speedo.Now i can reach 150 in third ,170km/h in fourth gear,and in fifth i holde that speed,i dont have i power to rich more but with all this modification is easy for the litle engine to obtain that speed(the standard was 156-160km/h).I wanted to ask does the mainfold make markable improvment and does it worth the money. As i said im pleased with the performance but i notice that the standard mainfold doesent give free flow to the engine at high revs.I want t order the sport mainfold but i dont know if the snelle leeuw distribute all over the Europe.Can some one tell me if there is this kind of mainfold in Greece
    Guido said...
    The manifold will help allot. It's wurth the money.

    You can order it from Italy or from de snelle leeuw I am sure they both will ship internation as long as they get their money :-)

    The Italian version will be around 300 euro. De Snelle Leeuw version wich is the one I have will be 200 euro.

    De 200 euro version will be available in dec Jan. The Italian one is available right now.
    Marco said...
    I want to know is the horsepower increase do you will get only due to manifold... =) still wating for results..
    Guido said...
    you'll have around 5 -7 hp more.
    Will have a dyno run in 2 weeks.
    Marco said...
    It's safe 88hp on that engine?
    Guido said...
    It's about 81Hp, I've been driving for awhile now and I have no problems at all.
    Guido said...
    80.6BHP @ 5665RPM - 119Nm @ 2942RPM

    chipped, exhaust + monifold
    Cornnatron said...
    Hello Guido any news about the middle pipe +cat and muffler does DSL have those ?
    And do you now what the complete price is forgetting it all mounted on the car ad DSL?
    Anonymous said...
    Hello everybody!
    First of all, I'm really impressed with this blog; congratulations, Guido! You really share valuable information.
    I have a C1 and the crazy idea of "optimizing" it, just as you have done. After many searching and trying to contact the old C1 Cup organizers (Gruppo Peronni) and the italian company Motorquality, I finally found your blog. And you have everything that I want!
    I must say nevertheless that the Motorquality produces a camshaft which offers 85 hp along with a sport exhaust. Unfortunetally, it's out of stock now (and they are wholesalers; but that's another story...).
    Going back to the modifications done by you, I had in mind the same question as Filip: is the manifold worth it? Actually, in the Web site of the Balance Motorsport company (, look up for C1 products) they offer the sport exhaust for 383 pounds (without the manifold, apparently) and they say there is a gain of 6 hp (checked on Dyno run; you can even see it on Youtube). So what's the gain with the manifold then?
    Thank you in advance for your reply and I hope to keep in touch with you, guys, to show you the final result of my "optimized" C1 ;-)
    Best regards!

    Ismael from Spain
    Anonymous said...
    Sorry Guido, there is so much info on your site that I haven't seen that you actually posted about the exhaust by Balance Motorsport.
    I see now that the exhaust you talk about is different, and I understand the need of a cat + manifold by DSL (C1 Cup).
    Anyway, is the result better than the one from Balance Motorsport?
    In this company they tell me that nowadays it's not allowed to install a sport cat + manifold on post 2001 cars and that their exhaust works very well on the standard cat and manifold.
    Thanks for you reply!

    Best regards,

    Guido said...
    DSL sells the manifold. They will have to make a mid pipe and damper.
    Guido said...
    The gain of the manifold is about 6hp.
    Can you give me a bit more info about the camshaft?
    Guido said...
    Hi Ismael,

    The Balance Motorsport exhaust is really good. I think the rules of the Cat is a bit different in each country so you might want to check in Spain. As I understand here in the Netherlands, your car needs to apply the EU regulations but that doesn't mean you cannot use a different Cat. So as long as your exhaust gasses are within the regulations it should be fine. But please check what the rules are in the Spain. Also don't expect to add the Horsepower of each component, Manifold, exhaust 6. YOu might not get 12hp more. These 1 ltr engines can't do miracles.
    Cornnatron said...
    Do you think it a problem that its a aygo ?
    Knowing that they are peogot tunners.
    Guido said...
    Give them a call. I don't think so.
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Guido!
    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    And thanks for the clarification: actually, I thought I could add the hp of each component... now I see I was wrong...
    About the camshaft: it seems a good option to "squeeze" more this nice 1 litre engine. As I posted, the Italian Motorquality company says you can reach 85 hp with their camshaft and exhaust system. All I can do is give you the contact of the person I talked to: she is Cristina Longo and her email is (don't expect a quick answer ;-)
    They are wholesalers and she told me that the camshaft is "out of stock" now, but literally "they can quote for large quantities". I guess if you guys in the Netherlandans order many of them they may build them for you, who knows...
    Another option is to order the camshaft to Balance Motorsport. I talked to a nice guy named Julian ( and he told me that they can design a camshaft for you if you supply them with an old one; but he can't assure what hp gain can be reached.
    I'm also waiting for the answer of a Spanish racing company about the modifications, but I guess they work "locally" so I don't know if the would ship their components abroad.
    I'll keep you informed of any news.
    Best regards,

    Guido said...
    Hi Ismael,

    Can you contact me directly at
    guidom @ zonnet . nl
    Arjan said...
    Interessante site! Heb Zelf een Aygo.. het broertje zeg maar.. hoe heb je het opgelost met de Kat en lamba sondes? heb je die ook bij de snelle leeuw laten doen en wat zijn de kosten ervan?
    Arjan said...

    Hoe heb je dat precies gedaan met je katalysator, hebben ze bij de snelle leeuw die ook te koop zo ja wat koste die dan?

    Gr Arjan
    Guido said...
    Kat zit nu op de midden pijp.
    Sonde zit daarin.
    Ik zou naar NM parts gaan voor de midden pijp en het spruitstuk bij DSL kopen.

    Motor management geeft wel Cat error met een andere Cat. Zijn we nog mee bezig om op te lossen.
    Guido said...
    Voor de prijzen moet je DSL bellen. Die weet ik niet.

    Spruitstuk kost 199euro
    Anonymous said...

    Any news on when the whole kit will be available? - Including middle pipe/cat and exhaust?

    Guido said...
    Kit is available but I would only buy the manifold. Use your standard mid pipe and put a 400Cell Cat in there.
    ben harris said...
    hey, what is your body kit? because i have been looking and cant find one that looks as good as yours
    Guido said...
    I don't have a body kit.
    I have the front spoilers and the side skirts, you can find it on my site, use the seach function.
    Jozef said...
    hi guido ! hope u wil see this.
    I got only 2 questions ....
    whats the size of manifold ? and if the manifold will fit on castom exhaust with 3" pipes from MIJ for example ?
    Thank you for your answare !

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