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I bought this folding key from Ebay. Ebay search: Folding Remote KEY

You have to transfer your original Peugeot key, transmitter and the button electronics to the new housing.

New key

Original Peugeot key

Remove the screw, and pull the key out of the body.

Open the body. Top left corner (left body) is the transmitter chip. Whitout that in the key body your car won't start. Right side is the body with the print board that holds the battery and the "open" and "lock" buttons.
Take a really small screwdriver to take the print bord out. Now we are going to transfer all the items to the new housing.

Here all the elements you should have. Transmitter chip top left.

The new housing. Be careful when you open the top, there is a spring under the metal key housing.

Put the transmitter chip in the upper left corner, there is a little place which is perfect for it.
Put the metal buttons + white rubber in the housing and put the print board on top.

Now put the metal key housing with the spring back in the correct place, make sure you put some tension on the spring by turning it a clock wise. put the top of the housing back on.

Put the bottom plate back on and secure it with the two screws.

Now we are going to adjust your original key to make it fit into the new housing.
Take a thin screwdriver to remove the pin that secures the generic key.

Here are the generic key and the Peugeot key. You can see that the top is a bit different. Use a metal file to make the Peugeot key as thin and wide as the generic key. BE CAREFUL!!!! do this at your own risk.

The Peugeot key is now as thing and wide as the generic key.

Use a metal saw to make the line where the locking pin secures the key.

Key is ready to be mounted into the new housing. Put the key into the metal housing and put the pin back in.
Final result.

Key folded back in.

Test it first.

Then put the Peugeot sticker on the housing.

Don't forget to bring your spare key in case you screw it up :-)

Customizing your original car key is dangerous, be very careful, do it at your own risk.
A replacement key is expensive.


  1. AllMaritime said...
    I also buy this remote key from ebay but I choose to cut another plate key not to use the original. After 2 months the emblem with Peugeot is scratched :(
    Tom said...
    Hello i´m german and my peugeotdealer cant find this new key.
    Where can i get this new key? Is it from peugeot original?

    Thx for answer....
    Guido said...
    It's not an "official" Peugeot key

    get it from ebay. search term: Folding Remote KEY
    Eric said...
    Nice Modification m8, I will immediately go ordering one...
    Tom said...
    Yeah, my family bought now 4 107. Ordered 4 Remote keys.... i´m sure i can practise now.... hehe...

    Thx m8

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