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I received some tips from a forum member how to get a really really nice shine on the car. I visited him yesterday and he showed me a few steps how to clean my car like a pro. Again thanks so much Jan for your help and the warm welcome, lunch, drinks and car cleaning tips.

Everyone has his own way's to clean cars, this is mine, it works for me so please if you leave a comment please leave one that's helpful. Good tips are always welcome.

After all the scratches where taken out with a polishing machine last week (see bottom of this post) I got a good base to really get a shine on the car.

The Car was clean, but in case yours isn't, clean your car with water and a car shampoo. I use this one from Autoglym.

Get the car dry, I use this microfiber towel.

Next step is to get all the dirt out of the paint. You use clay and a detailer fluid.

You take a little piece of clay and rub it over the body, after you have sprayed some detailer over it. do it section by section so you won't miss any spots.

You can use this for any tar, insects or tree spots that are not removed by the clay.

For any spots that are still left you can use very a light polish. This should do the job.

Next step: Wax

I used this wax from Smart, it's 60 euros and it smells like Coconut :-)

You can use a pad to apply the wax on the car but I think it's best to do it by hand.

I used these small microfiber towels to polish all the wax into the paint.

Left done - Right Waxed


For all the plastic parts I used this gel. Makes it look all new.

Now the body is all done, don't forget the tires and rims.
I used Rim wax to make the rims look like new.

For the tires you can use this dressing. It puts a nice wet shine effect on the tires.

All done

Here is the result. I must say, I only knew the basics of car cleaning. But after 5 hours of hard work I didn't know that you can get such a incredible result. The paint is sooooo soft it's incredible. The Black is sooooo deep, sooo nice :-)

Last weeks polishing. Getting all the scratches out.


  1. ReturnOfTheHardon said...
    i wish my car was that clean :D
    maximus said...
    very nice job, but my quastion is how much money you think you allready spent on the car=?
    Guido said...
    I don't want to know.
    ReturnOfTheHardon said...
    guido, where did u get your spoiler from from the side it looks WKD!!! :D n the other thing is now you got your new air filter on have u noticed any gains over before or are they too small 2 notice?
    Guido said...
    The rear spoiler is from Lester. It's a C1 spoiler.

    The airbox gives a bit more power in mid and high revs, pretty much the same as the K&N 57i kit. The airbox should give colder air to the engine.
    You can notice it just a little, but every little thing helps :-)
    Guido said...
    The Lester spoiler won't fit an Aygo. Sorry.
    ReturnOfTheHardon said...
    well that kinda sucks if it dnt fit :( looks reli gd as well, any1 kno where i can get a honda civic type R style spoiler for an aygo or is it defo a custom kinda thing..?
    major malfunction said...
    GREAT! Is it waxoil or just wax? What does it costs? Where can i get this done? O, and now i'm typing this, do you know a trick how to clean fly's and bugs from the frontbumper? (I use clay but it cost verry much time) Ps: sorry for my potatoe-english, i'm dutch :-)
    Guido said...
    This was done in Utrecht. 150 Euro.
    They washed, polished and waxed the car. No Wax oil.

    I wanted to get all the scratches out so I could do the cleaning and waxing myself.

    I will post a new article about that later.
    de Dikke Vandaal said...
    A low-cost tip I learned from German telly to remove bugs from the front of a car: soak the front with wet newspaper for half an hour, longer if neccessary. Keeping the paper at least moist is important. Then use an old nylon stocking or pantyhose to scrub off the dirt in a circular motion to prevent scratches. Worked great when they demonstrated it. Never tried it myself. And, as they said, you can wax afterwards.
    Mike said...
    The car looks like its brand new, awesome job!

    grt Mike
    Anonymous said...
    how do you clean your windows? I always end up with streaks in the sunlight, but I'm using special window cloths and nano-tech window cleaner... got any tips? Car looks great like that, shows what hard work can do!

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