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Necessary materials that are needed: brake cleaner, copper spray and 1 torx screwdriver.
When you replace the brake discs you must also have a new pair of brake pads because brake disc with new old pad is not a good combinationPreferably use a garage jack to secure the stability when you are working.

Lift the car, and remove the front wheels. Then unscrew the 2 bolts that are behind the edge and hold the caliper. Attention! do not remove the mouthpiece of the brakeShown in the picture below with the red X.

Then after we have removed the caliper, remove with a screwdriver the brake caliper and then go and unscrew the torx bolt on the brake disc.
Now remove the brake disc carefully! not to hit from the back to come outwith a hammer, hit the center one - two times and unbutton ....since then stay to the end, it would be good to clean the spray tip with copper.

Place the new brake discs.
These brake discs in the example are comline! with a special rotation Left and Right mention this when mounting them on the right side.
Screw the torx bolt that holds the brake disc and then put on to the claw end and disengage our pads. then those who are progressing and pads to replace them. Replace the wheels.
ATTENTION! Before you go on the road test the brakepedal on the right pressure.


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