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manifold(D=35mm, if your bug is stock "L" must be  38cm )
D=42mm (maximum allowed,   35 mm < D < 42 mm)
hjs sport (200 cpsi)
in this dynometer the same day a stock aygo was 68.4 hp
+5.9 Hp  increase



  1. Jan Kovac said...
    could you post some link of yours exhasut ? said...
    for wat are you looking for ? I will post everything you want to know ;-)
    Jan Kovac said...
    i just want to know which exhaust do you own and if the increase 5.9hp is due the manifold or manifold+exhaust system ?
    i ask beause i orderd exhaust from MIJ and they sad that then incrcarese will be about 6hp. said...
    don't be sad ;-) it is true that manifold+exhaust system increase is about 6 hp but this is the basic tuning for our car..with a full exhaust system and manifold you can enjoy all the benefit of ecu tuning etc...i advice you that it would be useful to buy at least a cone air filter if you want a ecu tuning...
    ecu tuning+cone air filter+exhaust manifold+full exhaust system = +14 bhp ;-) i upload my car very soon and you will see me dyno result ;-)
    Jan Kovac said...
    thank for answare.
    i already have air filter(k&N) and ECU/chiptuning too but the number doesnt match, according to that what was told me.
    They told ECU is increase about 8bhp + exhaust (without manifold) 6bhp. So this already is 14bhp +
    Do you think that the sport manifold will not take any diffrence ..taking into account that the stock manifold have catalitic converter built in ? said...
    it would be interesting if you upload your dyno before and after every stage of tuning (sotck-chip tuning-exhaust tuning+chip tuinig) ;-) maybe the manifold don't increase the hp but you would have better torque ...please tell me every info about your exhaust like pipe diameter ,catalys etc or send an e-mail about all informations about yours spec because as you can understand i can not answer your question if i have not got every spec info ;-)

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