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I changed to 16" Matt Black OZ Ultraleggera's


  1. D said...
    Ultraleggera's gekozen omdat ze lichter zijn? Ziet er goed uit trouwens.
    Anonymous said...
    looks sweet as you like now, reli sweet car :)
    ben. said...
    what kit is that on your car? ive been looking for a body kit for my 107 but cant find any
    Guido said...
    Yep, much lighter and fit better.
    saves me alsmost 75Km on one tank.
    Anonymous said...
    i want to install FK high tec suspension (-40/-55mm)
    That's a suspension kit.
    I want to install this kit with a it possible to do that without problem.
    How have you install your suspensions?
    Can you explain me if you had some problems.
    Thanks in advance
    Guido said...
    I had it done through a specialist.
    Rear is pretty easy but the front is more complicated.

    if you don't know what you are doing I would have a garage do it for you.

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