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Subwoofer: Rainbow Vanadium 8"


  1. Kyro said...
    Very nice the layout of your rear panel with the amplifier & sub.
    Is there a glass or plastic cover over the amplifier, right? Really nice.
    Is not too heavy the rear panel? And don't it jolt when you drive and take a hole in the street or on a road hump?
    Anonymous said...
    Found some build pictures:
    Jimmy said...
    Hi Kyro

    Thanks for the compliments :-) I'm also pleased with the result.

    Anyway, its plexiglass above the amplifier. 3mm. Its not that heavy. You can take a look at the build pictures. It does not jolt or anything else. I was afraid it might, but it doesnt :)

    If you have further questions feel free to ask :)

    or use google translate to look at the build pictures and so on

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