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  1. Kyro said...
    you would need opaque front lights to make your c1 all black.
    Maybe also opaque rear glasses...what do you think?
    Anonymous said...
    would ve been even greater if the paint was matt like the batmobil :D
    Jimmy, said...
    yeah, I'm also still missing the angel eyes for my black C1 :(

    Buff_Customer said...
    haha this is my car :) its alot different now tho and still a work in progress, I'm in the middle of painting my lights today, the framing for the lights black until i can get morettes :) theres alot more lime green on to be updated and spec profile will be on here shortly xx
    sales said...
    Hi guys, not sure who to contact to get something added, so I'm leaving it here in the hope that admin will see it.

    Just to say that the City Bug Store has just opened, you might find it interesting loads more yet to be added yet, but it's a good start.

    Also, which started in 2005 and relaunched about 9 months ago, isn't in the links :-(
    Guido said...
    Links added.

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