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John Gold AP-500 PROFESSIONAL RANGE CRUISE CONTROL with CM-25 controller

More CM-25 controller info HERE
Gold Automotive info HERE (dutch)


  1. Portuense said...
    uau!! very nice!! where i can buy it?
    Anonymous said...
    The link is only showing the stalk for the cruisecontrol. What type of cruisecontrole is used in this C1?

    On which forum did you find this info? Because I want to ask the owner how everything works.
    Guido said...
    The info was send to me but I am sure you can do a little Googley Googley
    Guido said...
    A little birdy just gave me a bit more info, I updated the site.

    (and no I didn't steal the info, I don't even have access to the site you are mentioning, maybe you should tell people who have access not to send me anything :-)) Have a nice day little birdy.
    Anonymous said...
    Just have this John Gold with CM-25 installed, it works great, to set the speed when you are driving.

    However the company that built in the system had no manual for the CM-25. I am still puzzled how to program the three pre-set buttons.

    The card that came with the system never explains how to pre-set the speed.
    Anonymous said...
    Peugoet in Denmark is selling Cruise Control's to the 107 at a reasonable price from [url][/url] (the original dancar installation guide attached: Peugoet also an installation guide).

    The main difference(s) to my107's GoldCruise are:
    - nice control panel on steering wheel
    - electronic control of speed (by bypassing the output of the speeder and suppliying own signal when in action: seems also to be available from GoldCruise, my107's is mechanical)

    The special part of dancar's monitoring of speed (and otherthings ...?) is that the control unit interfaces into the OBD-II connector to access speed information via the can-bus: the smart thing to do.

    Anyone want to help make an open-source version?
    This would not interface into the can-bus unless some library of functions is available to the choosen controller

    Interface to car:
    Simple relays (or IC switches)
    - to break the speeder signal so that it is available for a new signal to be introduced
    - to monitor controller watchdog signal, clutch, brake and "panic" button: all of which cause the speeder signal relay to go back to normal operation (safety features)
    Signals to be sent to controller:
    - analogue rev and speed
    - analogue speeder pedal
    - state of the speeder pedel bypass relay
    Input from controller:
    - the speeder pedal output voltage to be sent instead of the actual speeder output voltage
    - requested state for the speeder pedal bypass relay

    Controller for cruise control
    It could be a [url][/url]
    Controlling signals
    - control signals from user interface (the switches you push for up/down speed etc)
    - analogue rev and speed
    - speeder pedel bypass relay

    User Interface
    Whatever you want
    - switches on gearstick/steering wheel/ on the floor (my favorite, left hand side where one rests ones clutch foot, can be used as a dead mans switch)

    br oxo
    Anonymous said...

    br OXO @

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