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7x16 BSA Horus with Yokohama Parada Spec 2 205/40 tyres


  1. Martin said...
    Hi Guido - fantastic site - better than a haynes manual!
    just picked up a 2006 Pug 107 this momring - great fun to drive but not happy wityh roadlhioldng - can you say what are the widest tyres/wheels I can fit without fouling the bodywork
    Guido said...
    I would't go wider than 195
    Anonymous said...
    i wonder if these alloys + tyres are heavier than the original steels + tyres? that would affect acceleration :(
    Anonymous said...
    hi there. i just changed my tires from the standard 155 wide to 195 wide now i seem 2 have reli bad brake steer does any1 else have this problem/kno how 2 get it fixed as my toyota dealership said they wont touch it? :S
    Anonymous said...
    sounds like tracking or a bush

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