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  1. TallPaul86 said...
    Hi Guido

    Forever loving the reasources on this site of yours!

    Just one question regarding this - the rubber elbow you have there which fits onto the Throttle Body (the bit behind the air box) what is the diameter of it?

    Looking at Induction Kits and needing to know what diameter the TB is so i can find the relevant elbow pipe :-)

    Keep up the good work!
    Guido said...
    60mm diameter
    stè said...
    where can I find a guide that explains how can I realize on my aygo this kit?? how much does it cost? thx a lot man!!
    Guido said...
    There is no guide, you have to build it yourself. A god tuning company can do it for you, but it's pretty simple. Will costs you around 150euro

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