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Adjustable front absorber

Non Adjustable rear absorbers

With APEX 35mm spring

Old rear

New Koni

I've been driving with them now for 250Km and I must say they are much more comfortable. Car sticks to the ground much better, it's not so hard anymore.
Is it worth the money (900 euro including labour)? I am not sure. It's allot of money.

KONI SPORT: better performance

KONI’s Sport shock absorbers are designed for drivers looking for a sporty driving experience. These products focus on exceptional road-holding combined with an acceptable level of comfort. Its characteristics include responsive steering, reduced body-roll and limited body movements.

Externally adjustable shock absorbers make fine tuning even easier.

“SPORT Short" shocks offer the same exceptional road-holding as the sport shocks, but are especially designed for cars that are fitted with lowering springs which are shorter than the original springs.

Koni website HERE
Koni product finder HERE

model numbers:

- 8741-1493 Left Sport
- 8741-1493 Right Sport

- 8040-1356 Left+Right Sport


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