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The exhaust system is full inox. The construction is quite okay even if for the price it costs I was expecting more.
I have gone thru major problem interacting with CECAM and I'm generally a bit disapointed with their professionality. They made me wait a lot (2 weeks) for shipping (inside Italy...)and as you're going to read not only because of that..
The gear as I said was quite fine, the welding is perfect and bullet proof, I'm very happy with that. The thing that disappointed me a bit was the need scrub some imperfection at the begining of the pipes of the manifold.. It looked a bit sloopy and not well refined. Anyway that is just minor stuff..

The nasty part was fitting the gear in.. Of course you need to take down the front bumper to work more properly. The first problem we encoutered was that the holes to fix the manifold to the engine were not perfectly in line.. We had to redefine all the holes to fix it.. I got really pissed off with CECAM because of that... Anyway..
Next problem... The lambda fitting. The manifold was engineered for the C1 Cup , and for car with no AC in particular. In my car, with AC, obviously the lambda sond would bump on the AC motor. On this one CECAM was very surprised but, after sending them back the manifold and waiting anorther 10 days because of TNT shipping trouble, they fixed it perfectly with no overcharge. Nobody asked me anything at the time of purchase, so be specific and tell them if you wan't to get one (I guess they to didn't knew the problem... ).
After that was fixed the major thing is to get the second lambda fit with a longer cable since the original one is too short. I got mine cut and fixed with quality and low dispertion wires, works perfect.
The central part of the exhaust has too a little problem.. As you can see in the pictures it ends up with a strait tube so it was a bit hard to make it fit with the original exhaust of the car (I didn't wan't to change it - too noisy after). CECAM just didn't answer me on that one.. So the solution was to cut some other exhaust and get the piece I needed to fit it with the original silencer..

When we turned on the engine no engine check lights or anything else, the car just goes perfect!

I got it back yesterday and haven't done much km yet but I can tell some few things..

The car got a bit more noisy event throu if I just turn it on, only a trained ear can think something has changed under the bonnet.
Vibrations show up while pushing down the accelerator at certain rpm.
The manifold generates an impressive heat, I'm going to look for some head shield because I think it's too hot down there.
On the perf side I'm still testing. On a first impression the car lost in lower rpm and has a rush after 4500-5000 rpm. The big problem now is that the original chip setup doesn't allow the engine to fully express itself... The limit of 6500rpm gets too quick and should be pushed up a bit... On a general way I would say that the engine is way more responsive than before, but I still need to do test and mainly I need to tune the engine chip so that the changes that have been made are fully operational.

Italian exhaust, the street legal version of the C1 Cup. CECAM produces this exhaust.
More info HERE

If you want to buy any of the parts they are available @ De Snelle Leeuw

Thx C1 Aygo 107 Club Italy for the original images, REFZ for the extra images and everyone who send me info, very much appriciated.


  1. Anonymous said...
    This is an Italia exhaust, the same of C1 Cup. CECACM produces this exhaust
    Anonymous said...
    The price is 380€ for collectors and 380€ for the central exhaust (this include a metallic catalyst). Ther is for the total price a reduction of 35%. The increased power is about 6hp
    Anonymous said...
    The 35% price reduction is for each element! You can buy sending an email to
    Peug107 said...
    The exhaust is not the same as the one used in C1 Cup as it can be seen in the pictures. It's his "street legal" brother lets say...
    I'm having actually some trouble mounting it. I'll give you guys more info as soon as I can..

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