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  1. Anonymous said...
    Tjonge dat ziet er toch niet uit man!! Dat je dat zo durft te laten zien zeg ongelovelijk...
    Anonymous said...
    DIY when it's worst.

    I know it isn't a expensive car but even a Aygo doesn't deserve that kind of setup.

    1: Buy speakers that actually fit! Instead of 6x9's they could have gone for some 5x7" or 6,5".

    2: Clean up the wiring. Some heat shrink tubing or cable sleeving would make wonders. (ok, not that much in this case)

    3: Meassure twice!
    Giorgos-GREECE *Aygo* said...
    hi all. soon toyota aygo revisited:) i have completed the I.C.E. of my car with a subwoofer by pioneer and trunk is totally facelifted. my rear speakers' shelf is now wooden with soft material pattern. nothing reminds the old ugly look of my trunk:)
    when project is finished i will send new pictures.
    p.s. thanx for comments. love from Greece.
    DaLute said...
    you should never use the stock hat shelf (direct translation of the danish term) it is simply not rigid enough, it will vibrate to much and that will cause disturbance in the speaker sound,

    as for the size, a 6x9 speaker fits fine if you make your own hat shelf and angle them, i have a pair JBL GTO936 and it would sounds flawless, if i had an amp that i could adjust so the speakers don't play bass tones, but fore some reasen its highpass filter is not working properly.

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