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Costs of the damages EUR 1044,-
(Window, wiper, wiper engine, rubber, Paint, new logos)

Don't close it too hard


  1. phreak said...
    never do it on my car :(
    Anonymous said...
    Hello ...

    I am very surprised with the price ! It happened to me also, but, the overall cost was 574 €, and it was already a very bad surprise.

    The glass came with the logos already glued on it. (245 €)
    The wiper engine + wiper blade = 156 €
    The hydraulic arm : 18€

    et what's left was for the manwork itself.

    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...
    My C1 was parked in the drive the other day and the back window shattered taking my brake light and window wiper with it but the boot stayed locked!! Luckily nobody was near the car or driving it!!

    I took it to Citroen dealer and thankfully they paid for a new window plus badges, break light and window wiper! They haven't as of yet authorised any paint work!

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