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oz canova black finish
7X16 195/40 R16


  1. phreak said...
    its my car ;)
    getting almost louder hehe
    im gonna take some new videos!
    Guido said...
    I've posted it a few months ago, but it's such a nice sound. Please let me know when you have put more video's on youtube.
    Anonymous said...
    what are the wheels on this car?
    phreak said...
    yeah i do!

    the wheels are
    oz canova black finish
    7X16 195/40 R16

    you can see them on SCHWEINFURT 2008
    international peugeot meeting in germany

    10-12. may 2008
    FOX C1 said...
    Question to wheels. Did you make any changes to get these wheels on the car (suspension, tuning of dampers)? Thanks for answer.
    Guido said...
    Looks like the car is lowered. Normally around 30 to 35 mm.
    nath said...
    hi i was just wondering how much was that exhaust and were did u get it from?

    i realy like the sound of it and would like one on my car or one similar.
    also where do you buy aftermarket exhausts from? i cant seem to find any for a c1.
    Guido said...
    this is the distributer of Musketier in the UK give them a call, I am sure they can hlep you out.

    Motor Company Ltd.
    Holmpark Industrial Estate
    Newton Stewart
    Wigtownshire DG8 6AW
    TEL: 0044 / (0)1671 / 403101
    FAX: 0044 / (0)1671 / 403372
    Antony Newton said...
    just a quick question really. will the quad exhaust fit the Citroen C1 can any one help. thanx
    Guido said...
    Yes No problem
    Anonymous said...
    how much is the Musketier exhaust and will the c1 fit 17" alloys without modification to the car

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