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Driver: "Lost control in the inside lane of a 2 lane motorway tried to correct it and made it all worse, spun around and hit the middle metal bit then somehow ended up facing the right way again. No one was hurt etc didnt hit any one.

10seconds later there is like 6 cars pulled over on the hardshoulder, and i begin trying to start the car, 3rd try and it works, drive to the hardshoulder and i get out of the car people rush over asking if i am ok, i kind of ignore their questions from shock i guess and all i can say to them is aw my little red car is fucked"


  1. Anonymous said...
    is this car written off and in northern ireland?
    Guido said...
    Don't know sorry. check the 107oc forum
    Anonymous said...
    it is it has 'r' plates. been ther done that got the tshirt and the new 107

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