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I have replaced the Leds with with standard bulbs again. Leds broke after three weeks (best so far). So I recommend NOT to use Leds untill there are better ones on the marked.

I've been testing a few different LED low beams models and most of them stop working afer a few days.
I have these now and these have been working perfectly for the last three weeks.

Car T13 501 W5W White 6 LED lights
Available here

LED vs Standard bulb

LED in the dark


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hi, I'm a little confused - those LEDs; do they replace the main headlight bulb? If so, how do they connect?

    On another note, do you reckon those bulbs look like Xenon lights? Finally, are they UK legal (not sure what the legislation's like there, but I know it's pretty steep here).

    Cheers mate,
    Guido said...
    no these are Leds for the low beam. I have Xenon lights for the high beam.

    The Leds are the same color as the Xenon lights so they match better.

    I think you can use the Leds for the low beams in the UK. Aftermarket Xenon is Illegal in the UK.
    Anonymous said...
    Ah okay, thanks :) Wish I could have aftermarket Xenons fitted, but they're expensive before the laws :)


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