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  1. teoz666 said...
    This car is from Italy, right? the alloy wheels are 14 inches? which brand? for italian c1 and 107 which are legal sizes for tyres?
    thanks a lot, very nice blog!
    Guido said...
    14" 5.5j
    155/65/14 it's only this for c1 in italy :(
    teoz666 said...
    I think the same is also for 107 & Aygo... bolts' wheel holes are 4x100 (toyota) or 4x108 (psa)?
    acra said...
    So is this C1 actually an 'available from Citroen' thing, or a home-modded car? It looks absolutely awesome, and if it were avaialable in black I'd consider swapping mine for it!

    If only they'd make the cool stuff in the UK!

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