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16" O.Z. Canova with Pirelli 's

Have a look on there website


  1. Anonymous said...
    Where did you get that bodykit from?
    i've looked at JM Styling website and cannot understand anything and was wondering if they have a UK Dealer
    Guido said...
    Give them a call on email them, they speak english.

    Jutta Meixner
    Odenwaldstr. 8
    D-63322 Rödermark

    Telefon: 0 60 74 / 96 07 11
    Telefax: 0 60 74 / 9 17 11 85
    Anonymous said...
    how much was the body kit mate? are u in the u.k? trying to find out shipping charges.. mike
    Guido said...
    Just email them, they will reply with all the info you need.

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