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As you might be aware the Peugeot 107 is very popular. If you own a 107 or even a C1 or an Aygo it might be a good idea to get yourself a 107oc membership. Will only costs you £5.00 and you will be able to get lots of nice goodies. The 107oc forum has a huge knowledge of everything in and around the car that might be very helpful.

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  1. ddodds said...
    What are members experiences with Pug 107 clutches? daughters car (2010, 3 door Verve, she's the second owner, dealer serviced and supplied, bought 13 months ago with 19555 on clock, one service and 27300 and clutch is slipping and unable to be adjusted! New clutch - NOT under warranty - £650 plus!!!
    Have driven many cars but lowest mileage on clutch was 56000 - regular commute into London. Rest have all been 100000 plus - best 156000 when traded in.
    Would appreciate any comments or experiences as I am going to contact Peugeot Customer service regarding a contribution - eternal optimist that I am. however as much info as possible would help.
    Interesting point for anyone - when first taken in to dealer, service manager actually said that they do not adjust the clutch unless owner mentions a problem!!

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