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- Glove box.

- W5W Philips Blue Vision interior light.
- Interior lightswitch for passanger door.

- Interior light delay
- Leather gear knob TRD.
- Leather arm rest from Kamei.
- Black interior trim


- Short antenna.
- Windshielf wiper front, flatblade from Valeo.

- Windshielf wiper rear 16” from Bosch.
- Low beams, blue leds.
- Indicater lights, philips silvervision.
- Hi beams H7 Xenonkit 12k kelvin.

- Springs 30mm from TTE

- Tyres Toyo Proxes T1-R 195/40 R16
- Alloys Borbet X8 black/pol 16”
- Black logo’s front and back

- Window tinting on all windows 50% (except front)


- Radio fromPioneer type: DEH-P9800BT
- Radio facial adapter from Caliber type: RAF 2505
- Composet front from JBL GTO6507C 2-way 16,5cm. 210 Watt.
- 2x 4-channel-amp from Alpine type: MRP-F450
- 2x Subwoofer from Alpine size 10" type:"SWS 1022D

Tyres Toyo Proxes T1-R 195/40 R16 - Alloys Borbet X8 black/pol 16”


  1. Anonymous said...
    it looks very nice but what is the cost on accel.its driveable after or it needs 20"sec for 100 km/h?
    baia mare said...
    nice wheels man. I gotta get some borbet x8 my self

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